Nearly three years later, businesses are still reeling from 2020. The way we work and how businesses function changed drastically when COVID-19 ravaged the world. The uncertainty in Eastern Europe and the supply chain disruptions also have altered how organizations operate.

Many of the technology trends predicted for 2023 relate to efficiency and sustainability with artificial intelligence (AI) taking center stage. We highlight those tech trends below.

(While we encourage you to stay abreast of the latest trends, we strongly suggest you protect the foundation of any technology – your hardware. Top-notch data centers like FIBERTOWN keep your hardware protected and up and running when outside disruptions happen.)

5G is Spreading Fast

5G, or the fifth generation of cellular networks, is being rolled out to more of the world in 2023. Advantages with 5G include faster connection speeds, lower latency, and greater bandwidth than the previous generations of networks.

So, why does 5G matter in business? Data will move even faster, and more devices can be connected to an organization’s network at once, allowing businesses to move at speeds never before experienced. Technologies like self-driving cars and robot nurses become a real possibility for more organizations due to the connection speed 5G provides.

Emissions and Power Usage Will be Measured

2023 will usher in a real attempt to quantify a company’s emissions and power usage. According to Newsweek, “In 2023, solutions will emerge to help companies measure and categorize their emissions and power consumption in a repeatable, consistent, auditable way.” Developers will create more robust technologies for tracing and analyzing emissions and power. Full-scale emissions management software will be created and improved.

People worry that the progress in technology further hurts the climate (e.g., greater use of electricity). Experts predict, though, that advancements in technology can help with sustainability, rather than be a detriment.

Demonstrate the Decision-Making Ability of AI

To no one’s surprise, AI is still advancing at lightning speed in 2023. Mass adoption, though, is the challenge. As CIO notes, “Organizations must be able to explain the reason why a computer came to a decision.” CIO further explains, “Gartner has found that only 50% of AI models ever hit production and that the reasons behind this are lack of trust in the data, and problems with security and privacy.”

So, while AI offers a world of possibilities for individuals and organizations, it’s not without issues. 2023 will focus on building the trustworthiness of AI.

Adaptive AI is the Next Frontier

Adaptive AI is the next frontier for AI. It aims to make decisions faster using live-feed data. Adaptive AI allows organizations to test and adjust in changing real-world circumstances. As discussed in the previous section, though, progress in this field is reliant on trustworthy data.

FIBERTOWN is Ready for 2023

We’re excited to see what 2023 holds! The advancements in AI and the spread of 5G will bring new possibilities to organizations, ones unavailable prior to 2023. And this new year promises more ways to decrease emissions and power usage for businesses. The future is looking bright.

We end this article with a reminder to protect your hardware. While technology trends are exciting, secure, protected hardware is the foundation for all tech advancements. Learn more about our Houston and Bryan, TX data centers.

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