At FIBERTOWN, we believe extraordinary should be ordinary.

What wows people in customer service is what we strive to do every single day.

For us, that means that we treat our customers just the same way we want to be treated.

Here are a few examples of the services we provide for our customers.

Customer service set apart from the other guys

We’re not just one of those companies that says that we care about our customers but leaves requests open for weeks or months on end.

That’s not helpful to anyone.

Neither are canned, automated message replies to requests.

That’s why we give a human response to every request within 15 minutes. And we generally complete the customer request within that same timeframe.

Don’t let a simple server reboot keep you down for hours. Just email us and we’ll have you back up in minutes.

In fact, simple server reboots and other requests that take less than 15 minutes are completely free.

Think of us as an extension of your team. We’ve talked before about the biggest benefits of hands and eye services at data centers, especially during winter weather or the pandemic.

But the focus always remains on how we can be the most helpful.

As our Vice President of Operations, Joe Langston says, “We work to support the success of our customers.”

Real-life examples of how we help

Sometimes as consumers, we can be sucked in by businesses that offer big promises without following through.

FIBERTOWN isn’t like that. We actually do what we say we will.

Here are some recent examples of how our customer service team helps clients.

When an internet service customer started losing service intermittently, our networking staff found their guest wifi wide open and at risk of being hacked. This was fixed, new IPs were assigned, and they haven’t had issues since.

Another customer asked for a reverse DNS entry within the week and received an email of completion within 20 minutes.

While our goal is to respond to every email within 15 minutes, we truly try to achieve the extraordinary. One week we averaged a 2 minute response time, and 14 minutes for completing the request.

These are the benefits of working with a company that is invested in the success of the business community around it.

It doesn’t take a billion-dollar bottom line to provide this kind of service — it just takes a team that is committed to the vision.

You won’t get good service at FIBERTOWN, you’ll get great service.

Come see how we stand apart from the rest.

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