In order to prepare for future events, you must be forward-thinking.

Data centers in particular should be consistently looking for ways to stay ahead of the game.

For example, best practices ensure that teams do not wait for equipment or systems to fail before being replaced.

Proper maintenance is an important factor to prevent failures that will inevitably lead to downtime for customers.

FIBERTOWN is ready for the future.

We follow these 5 maintenance factors in order to keep our equipment and systems in peak operating condition.

#1: A network of qualified OEM certified service providers

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are the equipment brands that are highly recognizable.

Most data centers use equipment from several OEMs. Usually, this is a result of cost, an OEM switch or simple staff preference.

At FIBERTOWN, we rely on qualified OEM-certified staff that can respond immediately to our service requests. Whatever OEM team we call, we require the best technicians who can help us keep our high standards.

OEM-certified providers can also ship spare parts from warehouses when equipment needs to be replaced.

Maintaining these relationships within our network of providers is critical to our data centers’ upkeep.

#2: A preventive maintenance schedule that exceeds OEM specs

At FIBERTOWN, we don’t wait for something to fail before we replace it.

Our maintenance schedule exceeds what our OEMs specify, and that’s because we do what keeps our customers happy.

Our 100% uptime service-level agreement is our ultimate promise.

While monitoring current products, we not only check for failures or issues, but for efficiency and ensuring those products still make the best fiscal sense.

#3: An in-house team dedicated to customer success

At FIBERTOWN, each client is like family to us. We don’t scoop up new clients with sweeping promises and then leave them high and dry.

In tandem with our regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, our in-house team seeks out things that are not right or not in their place and take immediate action to fix issues — long before they become a redundancy reducing or impacting event.

“In everything we do, we ask ourselves, ‘Is this best to support the success of our customers?’” confirms Joe Langston, Vice President of Operations.

We have staff on-site 24/7/365 in order to identify and respond to issues immediately.

#4: Redundant monitoring systems

In addition to FIBERTOWN’s on-site staff and escalation teams, we use redundant apparatus to provide continual monitoring of critical equipment and systems.

The reality is, even with dedicated on-site staff, we can’t be everywhere at once.

The solution is to offer redundant monitoring systems for peace of mind.

It’s just another way we ensure our infrastructure is maintained to our high standard.

#5: Excellent record-keeping practices

Not only do we schedule preventative maintenance exceeding OEM specs, but any faults, issues or discoveries are documented to reduce future risks.

We want to make sure we know what equipment is operating at peak performance, what is doing okay and what is phasing to its end of life.

No surprises is the best policy.

Into the future

FIBERTOWN has recently upgraded its wireless access points in both data center sites in order to give faster speeds and better service from all areas.

We’ve also upgraded systems for our blended internet service to help find the best route to your desired site.

If you’re interested in learning more about what our FIBERTOWN service team does for you, contact our industry experts today.

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