For some Austin, Texas business owners, booming construction around the city and corporate expansion news has left them slightly concerned.

A consistent flow of companies relocating to Austin and new housing for residents has its pros and cons.

Will your business be able to operate as usual with the recent expansions?

Construction expansion in Austin

Austin has been called the country’s fastest-growing metro area for over a decade.

While more businesses bodes well for long-term economic growth, expanding infrastructure and helping draw job seekers to the area, there are some downsides.

News about Tesla’s new factory near the airport, expansion across I-35 and more tech moving into town prompts questions about the viability of current business practices to downtown Austin inhabitants.

Downtown construction has continued to boom despite the pandemic.

“The activity that we see in downtown right now is an indication of the very healthy real estate market economy that we had when we entered this pandemic,” said Michele Van Hyfte, vice president of urban design for the Downtown Austin Alliance.

As of July 2020, there were 26 projects under construction with 25 others proposed or in planning, according to DAA data.

Accessibility during construction

The density of the downtown area due to construction inevitably means a disruption in traffic patterns and limited accessibility to businesses.

While it may be easy to tell when a new construction project is about to begin in your area, you’ll have to dig into plans and contact project managers to discover if and when you’ll have road closures or shutdowns.

Other construction concerns include the cost of power and utilities.

Will there be a fluctuation in electric costs during construction? Or will prices stay higher once the demand grows?

Another risk to consider is fiber or power cuts.

Are you absolutely dependent on 24/7 uptime for your business operations?

Do you have an emergency plan in place if construction disrupts your day-to-day?

Consider FIBERTOWN data centers for consistency

Offsite server locations can alleviate any concerns about business continuity.

In fact, construction has already prompted a large downtown Austin customer to relocate their servers to Bryan a few years ago.

FIBERTOWN Bryan’s fully-concurrent design delivers fault-tolerant protection for your mission-critical infrastructure.

We offer a complete suite of colocation options out of our stand-alone, 24,000 square-foot facility.

FIBERTOWN BRYAN is located outside the FEMA 500-year flood zone and out of reach of hurricanes and flooding.

It provides high availability, security, and redundancy through high-performance power, cooling, connectivity, and security.

If you’re concerned about Austin construction and how it might affect your business, contact a FIBERTOWN expert today for more information about relocating.

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