One key decision for organizations is choosing a data center location.

Companies look for a data center market offering competitive options, low hazard risk, tax incentives, and business-friendly environments.

If you have a business with infrastructure requirements, you should be considering Texas.

Energy market advantages in Texas

Texas offers its own independent power grid. The grid is managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and is completely contained inside the state.

If a state has its own grid independence, it allows it to be free from most government regulations and fees on interstate electricity sales.

In 2002, Texas deregulated its energy industry and established ERCOT as the state’s power authority.

The biggest advantage to the deregulation of power means it prevents unfair buyer and seller advantages (thus capital savings) and also provides grid reliability.

These energy market advantages keep operating costs lower for the data center provider, meaning savings for the data center customer.

Tax benefits and incentives to house your data in Texas

Compared to most states, business taxes are extremely low in Texas, and there is no income tax on individuals.

This gives Texas two distinct competitive advantages over many other states.

  1. Businesses keep more of the money they make, and
  2. They can recruit top talent by citing the lack of personal income taxes.

There are also multiple incentive programs in the state of Texas, with many more listed but including:

  • The Texas Enterprise Fund, which is used as a performance-based financial incentive tool
  • The Events Trust Fund, which applies local and state gains from sales and use, auto rental, hotel, and alcoholic beverage taxes
  • The Governor’s University Research Initiative, which is a matching grant program to assist eligible institutions of higher education in recruiting distinguished researchers
  • The Texas Enterprise Zone Program, an economic development tool for local communities to partner with the State of Texas to promote job creation and significant private investment.

The best industries to consider colocation and data centers

FIBERTOWN offers colocation services to multiple industries, including business services, banking and financial, healthcare, higher education, information technology, oil and gas and the public sector.

Our locations (adjacent to multiple highways), our connectivity and technology offerings provide easy access to your data when you need it.

In building our data centers, we consider: locations outside the 500-year flood plain, physical and digital security, and redundancies of critical systems as top priorities.

Our construction designs ensure hurricane resistance and 24/7 on-site security offers peace of mind.

The 24/7 network operations staff are there to assist when you may not be able to get to the site.

Our redundant power and cooling and connectivity allow us to comfortably offer a 100% uptime service level agreement — unique in the industry.

Is Texas the best spot to host your data?

Since 1997, FIBERTOWN has offered colocation, disaster recovery and office space from our data centers and our business continuity campus in Bryan/College Station. 

We added our Houston location when our customers kept asking for primary as well as secondary sites. 

Our data centers include conference spaces and offices available for customer use.

If you are interested in permanent office space for your data center team, or for business continuity we offer high availability, resilient office space adjacent to the data center at each location.

Our Bryan, Texas facility offers unique availability and opportunity.

Hosting data in Bryan/College Station places you right at the heart of the Texas triangle with low latency and fast physical access to the major cities in Texas (Houston, San Antonio, Austin and the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex).

To talk about secure colocation and disaster recovery for your business, contact FIBERTOWN today.

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