If your business is in Texas, you should already have a disaster recovery plan on record. Here are a few other considerations.

Not all employees can work from home during a disaster.

Does your business have important data that must be accessible at any time? Have you thought about disaster recovery office space?

During a natural disaster like a hurricane or pandemic, it’s imperative for some businesses to have access to data and systems that are used to manage their critical business.

It’s also very important to have quick access to redundant infrastructure and power to keep disaster office space up and running and connected to the data center.

Why do you need disaster recovery office space?

When you can’t work from home, disaster recovery office space is necessary to access the data and systems your employees must have in order to work.

For your business, it might be critical staff from your IT department, enterprise security, systems administrators, directors, C-suite employees or others.

Many emergency response companies only offer oversubscribed office spaces or will haul in portable trailers to serve as temporary workspace after the storm passes.

While that sounds like a convenient and cost-effective solution, flooded roads and power outages can often hinder deliveries, and they can take hours or even days to bring online.

A more reliable option is dedicated, resilient office space.

Easy access is important.

Ideally, it should be adjacent to or located within a few travel hours from the primary office, situated along major roadways that have been historically passable after hurricanes, and near local lodging and dining options.

The space should have similar resiliency to the data center with generator backup power, available UPS and a dark fiber cross-connection to the data center environment.

FIBERTOWN offers ideal office space for critical employees

FIBERTOWN disaster recovery customers have access to comfortable work spaces including desks and tables with voice and data capabilities, conference and meeting rooms, 24/7 security and secure access via card readers or biometrics.

FIBERTOWN offers the fully redundant, secure and reliable data centers to keep your business-critical systems available 100% of the time.

As a colocation provider, the range of disaster recovery solutions is nearly unlimited.

You can use FIBERTOWN as your primary and secondary sites, only secondary sites, hot or tape back-up, and for Highly Available (HA) fail-over.

We can help you configure your systems in the way that is most efficient and appropriate for your disaster recovery needs.

For more about the specs of our work sites and offices, download our business continuity guide today.

 FIBERTOWN COVID-19 response and free services

We want to do everything possible to help your business during the pandemic.

We are also committed to keeping the health of our personnel, customers and others a top priority. Read more here about our precautionary COVID-19 response measures.

With the significant rise in positive COVID-19 test results in recent weeks, FIBERTOWN is now extending our offer of free on-site hands and eyes service until December 31, 2020.

You can utilize our FIBERTOWN personnel as an extension of your own team — stay safe and we’ll do everything here for you.

Contact us to learn more about disaster recovery office space and these free services at FIBERTOWN.

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