There’s nothing more frustrating than technology limiting your business operations.

We’ve all been there.

Bandwidth limits your data transfers. Your network isn’t powerful enough to get your migration done during the planned downtime. Software limits the capabilities and offerings for your retail website.

It’s a headache. And it interferes with business as usual.

FIBERTOWN brings Megaport to colocation centers

Megaport gives your business the speed, agility, and scalability you need.

Now you can securely share, transfer and analyze data through a single, secure environment.

Using a dedicated, secure connection to the cloud, Megaport brings the cloud to the colocation so that your cloud services and colocation services can operate as one.

What is Megaport?

Megaport is a large-scale Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) utilizing 100 Gbps technology to deliver dedicated access to cloud services.

Its Software Defined Network (SDN) enables the interconnection of your enterprise to your service provider.

And its fast, flexible and dynamic connectivity transforms the way you can access cloud services.

How FIBERTOWN and Megaport help you

With Megaport connectivity, FIBERTOWN customers are closer to the cloud resources that are essential to business. Megaport provides protected, private access to cloud connectivity services such as Office 365, AWS and Google through a single port.

This optimizes cost and safety and reduces latency delays.

Here are a few other ways Megaport helps your business reach cloud services:

  1. Scalable connectivity to increase and decrease your bandwidth at any time to suit your business demands.
  2. Secure and private connectivity to keep traffic secure and avoid public Internet when using cloud services.
  3. Elastic cloud-to-cloud connectivity for seamless connectivity between regions and cloud service providers without the need to own and manage physical infrastructure.
  4. Secure links to the cloud from FIBERTOWN data centers.

FIBERTOWN and Megaport allow you to enhance your business with a fast, flexible and dynamic connectivity with reduced operating costs.

FIBERTOWN COVID-19 response and free services

We want to do everything possible to help your business during the pandemic while keeping the health of our personnel, customers and others as a top priority. Read more here about our precautionary COVID-19 response measures.

With the significant rise in positive COVID-19 test results in recent weeks, FIBERTOWN is extending free on-site hands and eyes service until December 31, 2020. You can utilize FIBERTOWN personnel as an extension of your team.

Contact us to learn more about Megaport accessibility at FIBERTOWN.

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