The 2020 hurricane season has been one-of-a-kind.

Texas residents have had to deal with increased storm frequency as well as storm preparedness during the COVID-19 pandemic, which adds an additional layer of complications.

In addition to their personal safety and that of their employees, business owners and managers must also consider how to keep business operations online and functional.

The aftermath of storm surge, damaging winds, flooding rain, and tornadoes can be fatal to your business.

A severe event may cause the loss of power and water for weeks — or even months — as well as disrupt supply chains, transportation and communications.

Have you considered what on-site personnel is critical to your business operations?

Availability and responsiveness of on-site data center personnel

A natural disaster is an awful time to be worrying about your data center. But, it’s almost inevitable that upper management and IT directors will have operations on their minds.

Does your business have employees who are physically staffing your data center 24/7?

There could be any number of weather-related concerns or requests, from checking lights and cables to replacing failed hard drives and new equipment sent to the data center.

Most calls to outsourced data centers in the U.S. can take critical minutes to be answered by operators working in other parts of the country or world. You may then be required to submit a support ticket before connecting to a specialist about your account. It might ultimately be impossible to speak to someone who is physically working at your data center.

You should have complete transparency and on-site support from your data center partner.

If you’re looking to enhance your business resiliency, download our Fibertown guide today to find out more about our colocation, disaster recovery and remote workspace.

The right fit for colocation and disaster recovery

You can depend on the Fibertown facilities and expertise to take care of security, power, cooling and connectivity for your operations while you focus on preparedness, planning and evacuation.

Fibertown offers comprehensive colocation services from carrier-neutral data centers with 24×7 monitoring and the highest level of security.

If you need it, Fibertown can design the perfect disaster recovery space for your business. With multi-site redundancy and dedicated disaster recovery office space, we can help you get things up and running quickly.

Fibertown COVID-19 response and free services

Our objective remains to be your trusted partner while keeping the health of our personnel, customers and others as a top priority. Read more here about our precautionary COVID-19 response measures.

With the significant rise in positive COVID-19 test results in recent weeks, Fibertown is extending free on-site hands and eyes service until December 31, 2020. You can utilize Fibertown personnel as an extension of your team.

We encourage all South Texas businesses to make plans before a hurricane is in the Gulf. Stay safe, everyone.

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