In the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation with increasing cases, Fibertown remains the Partner that you have come to know and trust.

With the significant rise in positive COVID-19 test results in recent weeks, we are extending on site hands and eyes services until December 31, 2020.

Your Fibertown location remains open for business.

We are committed to your success and to being here to support your needs in this time of uncertainty. Our team has taken actions and updated protocols in response to the COVID-19 threat and will continue to do so as new information is made available by the CDC, the State of Texas, local authorities and other entities.

We have two preferred contractors who we trust to provide service in rapid response time.  Our protocol for cleaning in response to a person testing positive includes:

  • Personnel of the contractor wear personal protective gear including disposable suit, gloves and a respirator per CDC/EPA guidelines and product use instructions
  • Close and ventilate the area
  • Clean carpets and soft surfaces with HEPA filtered vacuum
  • Dry mist disinfectant fumigation with EPA recommended disinfectant
  • Cleaning of all surfaces with soap and water
  • Disinfection of all surfaces with CDC/EPA recommended disinfectant
  • Once the extra cleaning measures are completed, we resume our routine twice daily cleaning.

With the recent rise in cases and increasing restrictions by authorities, we encourage our customers to take the following precautions to ensure safety.

  • If you are not healthy, please stay home
  • Maintain appropriate social distancing measures while in transit and on site
  • We are requiring all personnel to wear face coverings while on site (please be prepared with your own face covering)
  • Schedule your visits to the site with the local NOC team so we can manage the number people in any given area
  • Utilize the on-site Fibertown personnel as an extension of your team
  • While personnel practicing the precautions listed above are welcome on site, we encourage you to limit on site work to necessary items only

Contact your local Network Operations Center with any needs or concerns
Bryan: 979-393-9882
Houston: 713-341-6085

Our objective remains to be your trusted partner while keeping the health of our personnel, customers and others as a top priority. We remain dedicated to your success. Please utilize on-site Fibertown personnel as an extension of your team.

Response Updates
07.20.2020 Free on-site hands and eyes support is extended through December 31, 2020
07.06.2020 Fibertown developed a Positive Test Result Response Protocol for disinfection of any area potentially occupied by someone considered a risk for COVID-19
07.02.2020 Free on-site hands and eyes services were extended through July 31, 2020
06.16.2020 Free on-site hands and eyes services were extended through July 5, 2020
05.21.2020 Free on-site hands and eyes services were extended through June 5, 2020
04.30.2020 We began requiring face coverings for all personnel on site
04.06.2020 Scheduling of site visits is requested so we can manage the quantity people in any given space.
04.03.2020 We began recommending wearing face coverings while on site to help prevent the spread of any contagion.
03.25.2020 Fibertown personnel were divided into two teams with one team working from home while the other reports to work on site each day as normal. This team isolation will continue throughout the COVID-19 event and reopening of the economy with rotations following extensive cleaning every 21 days.
03.24.2020 We began offering free on-site hands and eyes support to all customers.
03.20.2020 We began temperature screening of personnel wishing to enter our facilities.
03.18.2020 Limited scheduled maintenance site visits to critical maintenance only. Other regular activities will be rescheduled. Critical service vendors have been engaged to assure continuation of critical services availability.
03.16.2020 On March 16, 2020 we asked each team member to self-screen prior to leaving their home for work each day. Each team member will take their temperature and perform exercise activities. Anyone with a temperature of 100 F or greater or experiencing unusual shortness of breath after light exercise or other flu like symptoms will alert their supervisor and not report to work.
03.13.2020 Fibertown updated company policies related to attendance and added 40 hours paid sick leave benefit for personnel whose households are affected by COVID-19. We are asking team members to stay home if they are not well. We are calling on those team members who are healthy to be available and will be offering additional overtime hours as needed to continue our critical operations. Part time and after-hours personnel will be offered additional shifts as needed.
03.10.2020 Verbal screening protocols went into effect. All persons entering a Fibertown facility (i.e. staff, customers, visitors or vendors) will be verbally screened by Security in the lobby prior to being allowed access. If the verbal survey results in an affirmative risk response, the individual will be asked to not enter the site and the site team will advise the main point of contact for the customer or supplier. The screening questions consist of confirmation of the following:
1. Are you currently experiencing any flu-like symptoms (including fever, body aches/pain, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath)?
2. Have you been in contact with a confirmed Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) patient or someone who is under quarantine in the past 20 days?
3. Have you visited any area outside the state of Texas or any COVIP-19 hot spots in the past 20 days?
03.03.2020 Implementation of special cleaning protocols:
Common touch points such as doorknobs, finger scanners, badge scanner equipment, refrigerator handles, elevator controls, shared keyboards, door hardware, restrooms, copier equipment etc. disinfected twice per day by bacteria sanitizing wipes.
Conference rooms, break room tables, kitchen counter tops disinfected additionally with bacteria sanitizing wipes.
Stop shaking hands when greeting. Practicing social distancing.
We asked all team members to wipe down their desk, keyboard, cell phone and office phones with disinfecting wipes daily, wash hands with soap and water and or use alcohol-based hand cleaner several times a day, wash hands with soap and water and or use alcohol-based hand cleaner before entering and after exiting any room or meeting.

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