52 Tips for Business Continuity
#24 – June 15, 2017

Hurricane in the Gulf

Hurricane Season Began June 1
It’s Hurricane Season again, and after several years without a storm making landfall along our part of the Gulf Coast, many business owners let their guard down.

If you joined us at our annual Hurricane Outlook Lunch and Learn at Del Frisco’s May 31, you’ll know that meteorologists are predicting an active season. In his own words, here are the highlights from StormGeo Meteorologist Dave Vandenheuvel’s presentation:

  • Even in a “quiet” year, if we only have one storm, and it runs over your businesses – it is going to be a big deal!
  • 2017 Is looking to be an “Above Normal” season
  • Trends in many indices that we look at have become more positive as we went through May
    • Weak to Neutral El Nino
    • Normal Pressure in Tropics
    • Normal Rainfall in Tropics
    • Warm Caribbean, Gulf, and Southwest Atlantic

StormGeo’s Forecast:

  • 14 Named Storms
  • 7 will reach Hurricane Strength
  • 3 will be Intense Hurricanes (Cat 3 or Higher)

StormGeo 2017 Tropics Forecast

Convenience and Security – Outside Danger’s Path

Most people understand that a catastrophic hurricane or flood is dangerous. What many don’t realize is the aftermath can be fatal to your business. A severe event may cause the loss of power and water for weeks – or even months – as well as disrupt supply chains, transportation, and communications.

FIBERTOWN’s facilities and expertise allow you to focus on your operations, while not worrying about security, power, cooling, connectivity or the hurricane forming in the Gulf.

Before the storm hits, transfer operations to FIBERTOWN’s Business Continuity Campus in Bryan, and never miss a beat. We have over 30,000 sf of dedicated, disaster-recovery office space waiting for you.

For the latest updates on storm formation, visit the National Hurricane Center.

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