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So what is the difference? Are all data centers alike? You are deliberately avoiding answering the million dollar question!

We saved the best for last and that is our team. You’re thinking “our people make the difference”… never heard that before, but FIBERTOWN runs a service first P.A.C.E. data center.

P.A.C.E. represents FIBERTOWN’s core values. These values are engrained in us from the time we enter the interview process until we leave the company. The values are not just words on a wall or some overblown pep talk given to us in a one-day seminar, where we do trust falls and learn the company motto. This is how we run our business.

We are passionate in all we do. We hire people with a deep-seated desire to serve, learn, and improve in their field of expertise. We care about our customers, and we treat every customer like they are our most valuable customer. Our technology director loves to learn about new technologies and thrives on problem solving. We love what we do, and we love to do it for our customers.

We are accountable at all times. We understand the value of integrity and the importance of having partners you can count on. The survivability of our data center service is tied to the survivability of your business. We will seek to establish superior communication with you about your services. This doesn’t mean we add you to the monthly newsletter. It means we notify you the minute you receive a hardware delivery onsite and where it will be stored. We will tell you when your power is out of balance or over utilization. You can call directly into our NOC and speak to the person who is rebooting your server or replacing your hard drive. You can count on us as you would a member of your own team. We want you to succeed, and to do that you need the right information. Call us for a power report, bandwidth report, power whip mapping, patch location, or anything from a serial number on your gear to the facility address, and our team will expediently provide what you need.

We are also situated to be creative in our industry. We have the resources and the talent, but we also have the work ethic to take you from contract signature to complete install in less than 2 weeks. We won’t turn you away because you are “too small” or make you work through a channel partner because you only want a ½ cabinet. We engage our engineering staff early on to ensure that you get the right solution. We won’t oversell you on power or push you to buy space you don’t need.  We are flexible and will allow you to reserve growth space and scale up your needs without extending your contract. Our team loves to help you solve problems too. If you need to find out why you suddenly started getting high latency on your carrier circuit, we can set up temporary monitoring or  help troubleshoot from remote or local visibility. If you need to scale up quickly, we have turned around new services in as little as a day, though our promised lead time is typically two business weeks to set proper expectations.

You should expect excellence, as well. You need someone you can trust to provide for your business. We are your lifeline. We recognize that we must care about what we do because not caring about our facilities and services leads failure in those elements. We can only serve your needs appropriately if we communicate with you. We have to be more nimble, more flexible, and more adaptable than the rest. We have to work harder, respond faster, do more and do it better because that is what make us excellent. Your excellence is dependent upon us doing our jobs right.

So the short answer to your Million Dollar Question of “Why should I choose you?

FIBERTOWN is passionate about serving our customers. We are accountable for your business continuity and services. We provide creative and cost effective solutions, and we will be an excellent partner for you from day 1.