Data centers are eager to sell you on all the bells and whistles of their facility. Here is what you might hear…

My 2 gazillion MW generator is better than their 2 gazillion MW generator.

I have a hundred and one telecom carriers in my data center, while those other guys down the street only have a mere 20. 

I have fuel providers pumping gas from a dedicated pipeline that only supplies us and no one else.

We offer a 100% uptime SLA! (But forget to mention that they’ve had multiple customer outages)

While uptime, generators and fuel are valid facility questions, there’s more to choosing a data center when the most common cause of downtime is human error. Customer service and the people that run the data center are what make all data centers not created equal.

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11 Questions to Ask Data Centers

1. Talk to the customers.  Not just the ones on the data center’s website, but the customers that have similar deployments to what you will be doing.

2. Ask your peers for their experiences with the different colo providers you’re evaluating.

3. Ask any of the business and technology partners you currently use. Trust me, vendors know the different reputations in the marketplace and will be happy to tell you both the horror stories as well as the good ones.

4. Ask to meet the executive team.

5. Meet with the head of facilities and ask about their background and what they bring to the role.

6. Ask to meet the CFO and request an audited financial statement.

7. Meet the CEO and ask him to discuss the team he’s built to run the company.

8. Ask if the data center company owns the building they’re in or, if not, what type of lease agreement is in place.

9. What kind of financial backing does the company have?

10. If not a public company, who is the owner and are they active in the business?

11. Ask about the tenure of that operations staff, the facility team and others.

Remember, you are buying more than a building, a generator and a list of available carriers. You are buying an insurance policy and risk mitigation, so make sure you know the people that are managing your business. True world-class data centers are designed for uptime, but people can and will always make the difference.

For more questions to ask when evaluating data centers << Download our free Colocation Checklist >>

Colocation Checklist - Houston Data Center