Whether it’s data growth, virtualization or consolidation…chances are your data center is probably reaching its space, power or cooling capacity. Information is exploding. IT is looking for facilities to support extreme densities and consolidate small data centers. The question is…expand current facilities or look to colocation?

With Big Data on the list of initiatives for 2013 (up 24% according to State of CIO Survey), the explosion of data growth is sure to make an impact on the data center.

Forrester predicts that ongoing data growth will outperform Moore’s Law over the next few years. The massive growth of digital data and the challenges around how to secure, manage and store that data is only increasing.

The decision to consolidate, move and/or expand your data center is serious business, as it will likely be your largest infrastructure investment.

What many don’t take into account are the costs associated with building, operating and maintaining a fault-tolerant data center.

Forrester says to evaluate three key elements in the build vs. buy (colocation) scenario. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll take a deep dive into each of these economic factors.

Benefits – How will you benefit from colocation versus owning your data center?
Costs – What are the hard and soft costs associated with leasing vs. owning?
Risks – How will you determine your acceptable risk and redundancy requirements?