Over the past couple weeks, we’ve seen major progression on the roof enhancements, outside N+1 generator area, and buildout of the first pod and UPS room.
Generator Atrium Progression - Houston Data Center Build

Generator Atrium Progression

The first generators arrived onsite for placement on the finished concrete pads in the outside atrium. Electrical condiut buried underground connects the generators to the UPS rooms.

Steel-reinforced framework and poured-in-place concrete slab will support the generators and housing.

Look how far its come since the pile of rubble we saw only 10 weeks ago.

Generators were hoisted into their housing structures and moved onto the sturdy concrete beds. The N+1 configuration will support the entire IT load in the case of a disruptive event, ensuring continuous operation of customer equipment.

The generator system features more than 4,000 gallons of backup diesel fuel per 2MW generator, and we maintain a contractual SLA with local fuel suppliers.

Roof Enhancements

To support the chillers and pumphouses and protect the chilling system from wind and debris, the roof received some major enhancements.

Galvanized steel beams were secured together and bolted to beams that run from the top of the roof to under the building slab. Steel mesh on top of the framework will support the 400-ton chillers and pumphouses.

UPS Room - Houston Colocation Data Center

Walls went up around the first of three UPS rooms, which will deliver 2N power to customer equipment pods.

Roof Enhancements - Data Center - Colocation Houston

Roof framework ready for chillers and pumphouses. Vertical steel mesh walls will surround this area to protect from wind and flying debris.


  1. Hi Jeff, it IS certainly cool to watch. I toured the site today and now the walls are up and the rooms are coming together. I never imagined building a data center from the ground up would be so exciting.

  2. Hi Holly,

    How have you coped in the past without the generator or is this a replcement. How do you test your generators if you have in the past.


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