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How Much Downtime Can Your Business Afford? (RPO and RTO)

If money were no object, all large organizations would have fully developed hot sites, dual or triple-cored data centers and the latest technology enhancements to ensure instantaneous failovers are imperceptible to the end customer. The reality is that IT budgets are shrinking, and we are all faced with doing more with less. Understanding the basics of DR and BC planning arms IT directors and CTOs with the confidence that allows for a good night sleep.
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Recipe for Disaster – Ingredients for a Successful DR Plan

With hurricane season right around the corner, many Gulf Coast-based companies are revamping their disaster recovery procedures and testing their BC plans. The unfortunate truth is many of them will wait until the last minute and key elements will be missed. In a five part series, we discuss the essential pieces of an effective and affordable DR/BC plan – RPO/RTO, Communications, People, Data and Testing.