At the point when your data center power or cooling is strained and it’s a battle to keep pace with facility upgrades, you’ll mostly likely consider colocation. Simply purchasing data center space is not as basic as it appears and besides, how do you know it would even be a good fit for you?

Here are 4 signs colocation could be the right move.

You need complete control over your hardware and gear

Unlike hosting, colocation allows customers to own and maintain their own hardware and gear. The expenses of power, cooling, security, facilities maintenance and real estate are built into a manageable monthly payment and shared among many customers.

You are facing expensive facility upgrades

Many industry surveys report that one third of companies will soon come up short on office space, power and/or cooling for in-house data centers. Colocation offers an alternative to investing in upgrades. You get an expert facility staff and a high performance data center. Whether you are a small business running out of room or a large company worried about the disruptions of downtime, colocation is the best alternative for growth and expansion.

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You require protection from natural disasters and cannot afford downtime

Colocation is used as an auxiliary site for disaster recovery purposes. When the relocation of people and technology becomes necessary, having a secondary site ready to activate is crucial. Downtime can damage your reputation with employees and customers. Data centers are one of the best ways to avoid downtime and keep your mission critical facilities up and running.

You need to free up staff for more important projects

We all know that in today’s changing business climate, we must figure out how to do more with less. With someone else maintaining your data center, your team can focus on activities that drive revenue and support business drivers.