A tragic trend to hit the video game industry in recent years has been the pressure to have a game on the market before the designers were ready for it to be released. Two major examples of this are the massive multiplayer online game Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2011 and more recently Batman: Arkham Knight in June of 2015.

Both were wildly anticipated game releases that were expected to make millions for their producers. However, both were rushed to release by their parent companies and were a disappointment both to the game designers and to the players.

The same thing happens to IT and operations teams when executive expectations are not properly aligned with IT or operation team goals. Often the executives completely ignore IT and operation recommendations.

Nothing is worse than installing a major piece of IT infrastructure in your production environment before it has been tested properly in a lab environment.  Downtime and loss of data can occur in this situation. If infrastructure was not given the proper timeline for testing, something as simple as a software update can wreak havoc in a production environment.

IT and operations teams should be afforded the trust of setting a timeline and the ability to set standard operating procedures for new hardware or software implementations.When done correctly, the product will be more successful and the users will be much happier in the long run.  In addition, you will be reducing risk to your environment and your company. However, if implementations are rushed, then they could become a disappointment to everyone involved.

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