Some colocation data centers have one major problem. Communication. The type of data center communication you can’t put a dollar value on, communication with the onsite service staff.

You mean those NOC jokers that send me cryptic maintenance notifications about test firing the generators?

Well yes kind of, but I’m really talking about the communication your data center service staff provides you regarding your services.

The NOC staff should seek to forge a relationship with you because it benefits the data center as much as it does you. In such secure environments, you need to know whom you can trust. A good service team will prove themselves reliable and trustworthy.

You need to know that you can count on the data center NOC team, not just to perform simple remote hands requests that may crop up, but also care enough to contact you when your mission critical assets are in need of attention.

They should tell you before you commit to a service request that it would end up costing you money. They should be highly skilled to help you troubleshoot an issue without getting in your way.

Top 10 NOC Communications You Should be Receiving

1. Scheduled maintenance

2. Incidents of disruptive events, if any occurs

3. The availability of that new cross connect/circuit/Mbps you ordered

4. Status updates on your critical operating environment

5. Notification of a flashing light on an LCD screen on your server

6. Imbalanced power utilization

7. Overutilization of bandwidth

8. Service requests that require contract changes

9. Routine check-ins on service quality

10. Occasional informative blog articles

For better or worse, your data center team should be talking with you about the things you can’t detect with ICMP or SNMP monitoring. Even if you haven’t visited your colocation facility in months, you should remain informed about what is going on at your data center.

Can you answer these questions about your data center Network Operations Center?

  • If an issue arises with the services in your data center, do you know whom to contact?
  • Have you learned how to navigate the phone system or did they give you a direct line?

… [ring twice, wait for prompt] press one for English, press 2 for data center operations, press 2 again for customer support, oh dang it they changed the prompt again. Now I have to talk to the sales guy…hang up call again. Oh forget it, I will just drive down there…

  • Who do you call if you need to add power, a network connection or bandwidth? Have a server rebooted? Alter your secure access list?

If you have good communication with your data center then you know exactly who to call – someone you recognize and count on.

How Does FIBERTOWN Communicate?

In our data centers, every email from our Network Operations staff will have the direct contact information of your local support team because we want you to be able to communicate with us just as we want to be able to communicate with you.

We hold it as a directive from the top to build relationships with our customers and seek new ways to serve them. You won’t get lost in a phone system and you will reach a real life individual 24 hours a day.

Our onsite staff will contact you if they notice something wrong in your operating environment (especially beeping). We will make recommendations to help you improve your services especially in regards to other vendors. We see vendors onsite from all manner of data center services and we can tell you who does a great job and who you shouldn’t allow to touch your equipment.

Our onsite team is trained to “go the extra mile” to meet our customer needs. We want you to be able to focus on what you are good at…while we do what we’re good at, running a 100% uptime data center.