The first data center pod is more than 50% complete as we hit the midpoint in the construction cycle. With customer installation expected to begin in early July, the new 50,000 sq.ft. data center buildout has seen much progress this week, including the HVAC system, UPS rooms and 2MW generators.

The HVAC system – configured as N+1 – will provide more than the necessary cooling for the entire IT load. Energy-efficient 40-ton Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH) line the wall of the first customer equipment pod. Pump houses and chillers on the roof will deliver chilled water through the closed-loop system to the CRAH units on the data center floor, which blow air across water-filled coils to cool the air.

  • Leak detection on all piping and overhead double interlock pre-action sprinklers provide maximum protection against leaks and fire.
  • A vapor barrier inside the walls provides for humidity regulation and moisture control.
  • The next step is adding accoustical ceiling tile and installing the 36 in. raised floor.

CRAC Units and Cooling SYStem 2N Data Center - Colocation HoustonData Center-Sprinkler Fire Protection-Colocation Houston

The first two of four 2MW generators were secured onto their concrete pads and connected to underground conduit feeding to the utility rooms. The backup power system – configured as N+1 with one primary and one back-up generator – will activate seconds after a disruptive event is detected. It can run for four days with onsite backup fuel supply, after which our contract with a local fuel supplier comes to refill the generator diesel reservoirs.

generator setup - houston colocation data center2MW generator installation - colocation houston data center fibertown

Utility rooms will deliver A-B dual power configured as 2N to customer equipment. The switch gear, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), and power distribution units (PDU) were delivered and set up in the UPS room and on the data center floor.  Fault tolerant and redundant power is delivered to customer equipment from A and B simultaneously active distribution paths ensuring zero customer-facing downtime.

switch gear - houston colocation data center - FIBERTOWN

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