Here’s what we’re reading this week….

Facebook Opens Up Its Hardware Secrets

  • The buzz around Facebook’s nearly 150,000 sq.ft. data center has open source advocates beaming with delight. The new data center, which opens later this month in Oregon, is touted to be the most energy-efficient facility ever built. Interesting cooling designs eliminate chillers and use outside air traveling over moistened foam pads to cool by evaporation. Facebook is sharing its design and server infrastructure secrets through the Open Compute Project, available to everyone for review.

How Geolocation Will Revolutionize the On-Site Service Industry

  • Cloud-based mobile solutions are eliminating the caveman days of service technicians carrying out orders armed with just a cell phone and clipboard, according to Dave Yarnold, CEO of ServiceMax. Geolocation technology is enabling enterprises with smarter inventory insight, tracking, scheduling and routing. Here are eight ingenious ways to put geolocation to use for the enterprise.

Data Centers in Commercial Office Buildings

  • The “build vs. lease” is a common debate among large organizations revamping their data center strategy. Companies evaluating an onsite data center  build within their commercial office building have to watch out for load limitations. Marco Shmerykowsky of Shmerykowsky Consulting Engineers details the importance of structural evaluations and provides sound best practices.

Official LinkedIn App Finally Hits Android Handsets

  • The wait is over for Android enthusiasts. The beta release of the LinkedIn app back in December has been upgraded with additional features and is ready for mainstream consumption.  Find FIBERTOWN on LinkedIn. Happy networking!