Progress on the data center roof enchancement is providing for some exciting coverage this week. The steel framework hoisted onto the roof is secured and supported by columns that reach to under the building slab.

Now, a platform screen wall is going up to surround the chillers and pumphouses. This steel mesh screen will protect the chilling station from flying debris from potential fierce winds – another safeguard against hurricanes and other natural bullies.

Colocation Houston - Roof Enhancement Data Center

The roof floor has received a facelift too. Asphalt was hot mopped over metal deck, insulation and coverboard. Finally, a white cap sheet will serve as a protective reflective shield against extreme heat. Later this week, we should see the customary Christmas Tree and American Flag going up with the last steel frame signaling the uppermost steel member is going into place!

Colocation Houston - Data Center Roof

Colocation - Data Center - Houston - Roof

The outside generator atrium received framework for the pads – which will hold four 80,000lb generators, backup fuel tanks and switch gear. The atrium will also house transformers connecting to each power room and fed through underground conduit pathways.

Generator Atrium - Colocation Houston

Generator Platform - Houston Colocation

Generator Foundations - Houston Colocation Data Center