Despite the ubiquitous AT&T/Tmobile news, “Kinetic¬†Military Action” in Libya, and fun that some of us are missing at SxSW – a few stories might have flown under your radar this week.

As the Spring Break masses are headed back to the office, here’s what We’re Reading This Week…

How Groupon Uses the Cloud to Scale Its Business

  • For those of us with an appreciation for cloud computing (and those who look forward to our local Groupon deal), this one’s for you. Impressibly, Groupon has engineered and Amazon data center services to build a scalable infrastructure backbone.

Apple Data-Center Dreamin’

  • The seemingly mythical 500,000 sq.ft. data compound promised back in 2010 could finally go live sooner rather than later. The infrastructure is likely to elevate Apple from hardware seller to services provider, and allow it to compete with the likes of Google (gmail, docs) and Netflix (streaming video, Apple TV). I’m keeping an eye on this one!

What to Look for While Using Colocation Services?

  • Considering colocation vs hosting vs DIY is a constant challenge for small and mid-size businesses with growing IT complexities. This snapshot of considerations is a good starting point.

What are you reading?