The first 400-ton chiller and pumphouse arrived onsite this week. In preparation for them to reside on top of the building, engineers are enhancing the roof with additional attachments to existing steel joints.

Galvanized steel beams were hoisted onto the roof (by 200-ton cranes!) and bolted then welded to ensure maximum support.

Data Center Roof - Reinforcing - Colocation Houston

Steel columns, erected inside the building, support the mass of the roof framework. Columns are secured to anchor bolts, set in belled piers an average of 10′ deep, and filled with concrete. This interlaced steel structure for the chillers and pumphouses eliminates their weight from bearing down on the actual roof. The waterproof roof is rated to withstand 135mph winds.

Steel Framing - Houston Data CenterSteel Columns in Belled Piers - Houston Data Center

The chillers and pumphouses are part of the redundant 2N cooling system and provide a closed-loop water feed to the CRAC units located on the data center floor. Water piping runs along the perimeter of the pod, above the slab and under the raised floor. Underground drains and water back-up prevention measures guard against leakage and flooding.

Closed Loop Water System - Houston Data Center - Colocation