Maintaining a disaster recovery worksite is easy. In the case of a disruptive event, moving operations and people to a DR site can be chaos without solid, tested procedures in place. Here’s an inventive idea on how to ensure business continuity procedures are executed flawlessly.

A FIBERTOWN oil and gas customer based in Houston uses an A and B team deployment strategy to ensure disaster recovery operations run smooth and seamless.

This company has an A Team of 15-20 staff members (including IT, operations and HR), who are the “first responders” for any disaster recovery/business continuity deployment.  They head to their DR site – 100 miles northwest Houston – in advance of a storm to prepare for transfer of operations from the corporate office.

The A Team is deployed when a storm is 72 hours off the coast to assemble DR operations. They complete a checklist that includes anything from making sure phone systems are properly routed, organizing docking stations and work areas, and even ensuring there are plenty of coffee and supplies.

While this plan of attack is not uncommon, what’s unique about it is the way this company treats this on-call, A Team staff.

If needed, the company will actually house the families of the staff during a deployment, even finding a kennel for the family pets. The company also has plans in place for a contractor to go to the homes of the families and board the windows and doors. It also has a security contract to monitor the homes while these mission critical staff are away.

DR/BC deployments can be stressful on the business but even more so on the staff as they have to leave family behind to do their jobs.  This company does everything it can to keep the staff worry-free during deployment by ensuring their family (even Rover) is safe.

After the A Team readies the site and a storm is approaching the coast, the B Team will activate. This staff will head to the DR site in Bryan/College Station, set their families up in corporate-assigned hotel rooms and activate operations.

For large organizations, this A/B team strategy is an inspiring way to ensure DR operations run without a hitch.